What is FIBC? Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCS) or Jumbo Bags as it is popularly known today are giant size bags in drum or box shape.These bags are made of high tenacity Polypropoylene(PP),HDPE or Polyamide material and is UV stabilized, The general capacities of these bags range from 250 Kgs to 2000 Kgs, depending on the bulk density of the material. These bags can be custom built to meet customers requirement.

The concept of bulk packaging revolves around environmental aspects,apart from reducing the cost of packaging and faster handling of the packaging material.

The bag also minimizes the losses in pilferage & spillage and creates better working atmosphere.Since these bags are of heavier capacities they can only be handled mechanically.

These bags can be made pest repellent and heat resistant.

Concrete Washout Bag

The bags are great for leftover concrete in the hopper and come in a range of sizes from 0.8 yard to 1.3 yards (1 cubic meter).
Now our concrete washout bag have 4 sizes:
1. 110cm*110cm*49cm
2. 182cm*107cm*41cm
3. 107cm*107cm*110cm
4. 51cm*49cm*51cm
Our concrete washout bags are:
● Available for ready-mix, pump and chute trucks
● Affordable and available in various sizes/quantities
● Strength-tested to handle large amounts of concrete and wash down water
● Equipped with durable handles making transportation easier than ever

Dumpster Skip Bag

If you are moving in or out, renovating a kitchen or bathroom, cleaning out the garage or just tidying up the yard, you need an Dumpster Skip Bag. Simply choose the size to suit.
Now our dumpster skip bag have Green, Pink, Blue, White four colors.
Green dumpster skip bag:
Routine size is 244cm*122cm*76cm. We use 180gsm fabric weight to make this bag. Its loading weight is 1500kgs.
Pink dumpster skip bag have 3 routine sizes:
1. 175cm*110cm*40cm
2. 200cm*100cm*100cm
3. 200cm*150cm*100cm
If you need other size, we also can customized for you.

Bungee Cords

Length: 6”, 9” ,11” or customized size.
Diameter: Regular size 4.7mm, 5mm, 5.6mm or customized size.
Color: White, black, black with white spots and so on
Material: Latex or rubber material.
UV: UV or not.
Package: 25pcs/per bag,30pcs/per bag, 100pcs/per bag or customized package.
Label: We support labels be stick on the bag or labels in bags.
MOQ: 5000pcs
Usage: Garment, home textile, underwear, bag ,tent, etc.
Delivery Time: 15-30 days when we received your advance payments.
Shipping way: By express (DHL, EMS, TNT,UPS, FEDEX)/by sea/air, etc.

Garden Greenhouse

Used to plant flowers, fruits and vegetables all year round.
● Especially suitable for plant maintenance in winter and seed cultivation
● Can prevent frost and dust, and increase temperature and humidity
● Can extend the planning time and shorten the growth cycle
● Help build a microclimate to make plants grow better
● Be highly practical and easy to assemble
● With 4pcs earth pikes and ropes for additional stability
Irrigation system for home greenhouses
Dripping irrigation and sprinkler irrigation, fog irrigation and fertilization system can be installed for the tunnel greenhouse.


    Our company's main products include tons of bags, garden greenhouses, arches, trolleys, rope ball. Because the market demand is listing about 2000000 container bags and new production line, our products are widely used in greenhouse and garden planting, decoration, transportation, storage and other industries.

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